About Sheneq Aranda, Owner/Founder of Premier Baby Planning

Sheneq Aranda launched Premier Baby Planning in spring 2010, less than 1 year after the birth of her son. Prior to Premier Baby Planning, Sheneq achieved a BS in Finance and MBA in Strategic Management. Sheneq has worked for several Fortune 500 companies in Finance, Strategic Planning, and Project Management roles. She has lived in various parts of the world in the USA, UK and Singapore and traveled the globe extensively. Starting a family away from her hometown of Chicago, Sheneq understands the emotional and mental challenges unique to motherhood and professional families. She resides in Bellaire, TX with her husband and precious baby boy.

About Premier Baby Planning

Premier Baby Planning provides comprehensive baby consulting services to Houston and beyond. Sheneq Aranda gives newly expecting parents objective and customized consulting services. She also helps businesses provide work-life balance for employees through innovative benefits solutions. Sheneq is passionate about helping families live a balanced healthy life and as a continuous student of the ever-changing baby industry, she is committed to educating others. For more details on Premier Baby Planning, visit the website at: http://www.premierbabyplanning.com/