I am pretty much a baby gear expert and addict, but even I was a little taken aback when it came to the twin stroller solution. There are so many variables, probably twice as many!!! Get it :) You need to consider the age of your babies, your lifestyle and the something super important, your trunk space!

So, we did decide on a long-term solution that could still be used when our babies are toddlers. However, with two babies, that was a HEAVY option. Anyone with twins will tell you that it is physically exhausting. Making quick runs to the doctor or to my son’s preschool did not warrant a heavy power house stroller. Furthermore, I found that most options that allowed for two infant car seats were tandem strollers, one behind the other. This forces you to have to maneuver the car seats in an awkward motion. It’s definitely not ergonomic and as your babies get heavier, this task gets more painful.

Finally, there is a more practical solution. It’s called the Twin Roo by Joovy. Twin Roo is designed so that the babies can sit side by side in opposite directions. They have a better chance of seeing each other this way and both babies get to see everything. As opposed to one being behind the other. Twins being able to look at each other and communicate is the sweet thing ever!



The Twin Roo is clearly made for twins because there are so many features that just make sense. I can fold it easily with one hand and it folds pretty flat. So if I decide to wear one baby, I can put the other one in the car and still fold up the Twin Roo and put it in my trunk. It also has four cup holders that are lower than the baby, easily accessible, but safe from spills. The big basket underneath is a huge advantage. I like to keep a stack of supplies in my vehicle and toss whatever I need into the bottom of the stroller. My needs depend on the destination.

My favorite thing about the Twin Roo designed is actually putting the babies in their car seats. It is SO much easier to get the straps tight enough to pass the pinch test because of the way the babies are facing. It is difficult to get two babies properly tighten from an odd side angle. I love that I can get a good car seat fit. I am already exhausted with a bit of carpel tunnel from lifting, changing and nursing twins. The Twin Roo takes the pressure off my hand and wrist instead of adding to it!