I remember being told that our twins were fraternal from the very beginning. Several doctors indicated that the ultrasound showed that our twins were in separate sacs and had separate placentas. Well, while researching information on multiples, I found out that the situation is not so straight forward. As mentioned in my other post, if the egg splits by day 5ish, there will be 2 sacs and 2 placentas.

Research shows that nearly 30% of same sex fraternal twins are actually identical. That’s huge. I bet there are a lot of identicals out there who think they are fraternal! We’d decided that if our twins turned out to be same sex, we would have a DNA test to find out if they are identical or not. Our perinatologist wasn’t sure for a while, but did determine in the end that they were fraternal.

Once our girls were born, we knew we wanted to get them tested eventually. We’d even asked our doctors for company recommendations, but they had no idea. We noticed right away that our girls seemed similar. However, one was 6 lbs and the other was just under 5 lbs. We just assumed they were fraternal, but agreed to look for a DNA testing company.

Finding a company was overwhelming. There are so many! Who knew! There are a ton of companies offering a basic DNA twin test to ones that offer all kinds of complex testing. You could spend $100 or several hundred. In the end, I turned this task over to my hubby. Of course, he went with the first company that I’d found online and they were the cheapest. He placed the order and got the ball rolling.

The test was simple…well sort of…

You have to swab the inside cheeks and place the long cotton swabs into the provided container. There were a few of them. You really have to pay attention to the instructions! They are very specific, but not difficult by any means.

At this point, I’m still thinking that I’ll go with what the doctor said. They are fraternal. However, my hubby and I both agreed that if they were indeed identical, we could see it. They actually looked just alike when you looked at their features individually. Same head shape. Same mannerisms. They slept the same way in the same direction. Same nose. Same eyebrows. Same lips. Same legs. It’s just that one was bigger than the other. Phoebe was a mini Marley! However, they were in separate sacs and had separate placentas so we are still going with fraternal.


On Valentine’s Day, we got an email from Proactive Genetics. They were great. We got an email about 2 weeks after submitting the specimens and they mailed two official copies as well. Marley and Phoebe are indeed identical! Wow. They were completely spontaneous. Identical twins are not hereditary. There was only one egg and it happened to split. Can you say AMAZING (in my Oprah voice)!