Off to nurse my girls

Off to nurse my girls

As I’ve mentioned before, I had a horrible experience at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the med center. I knew that I would breastfeed my twins and informed all of the nurses and staff that I planned to breastfeed. At least 10 people asked me if I was going to breastfeed or formula feed so everyone knew. I had to give birth in an OR (operating room) as a precaution. Twins are consider high risk. The nurses and staff were super friendly oohing and ahhing as they push me back to my room. Then my nurse says to recover in this room and she’d be back. Well, thankfully, I didn’t wait for her and went ahead and started the process or breastfeeding. As ridiculous as it was, not a single person offered to help me breastfeed. They had no idea of my background so there is no excuse for that.

I breastfed my first born, Preston and I’m studying to become a certified lactation educator and therefore have a little more knowledge about breastfeeding than the average first-time mom. My hubby helped me ripped my gown down, get some pillows propped under my arms and handed the babies to me one at a time. I placed them on my chest to initiate the breast crawl. Marley latched herself on very quickly. Phoebe was right behind her. I helped her a little bit. She was less than 5 lbs so she wasn’t as strong as Marley. Both girls nursed for exactly 50 minutes. My nurse was nowhere to be found! Go figure. I am so happy my first birth was at the Methodist Hospital. At least I knew what to do. If this were my first experience, it would have been traumatizing.

I must say though, I felt like warrior woman after this. I felt like I could handling this twin thing. I’d been told by so many people including an L&D nurse at a different hospital that I would struggle breastfeeding so I was determined to do this!

The next 40 something hours in the hospital were rough. You know it’s just exhausting giving birth and uncomfortable being in a hospital. Put those two things together and you have an environment that is just not ideal. I got lazy with the latch because the pillows weren’t enough. My back was killing me from the bed. Oh my! I have NEVER felt back pain like that before.

We left the hospital on Sunday morning and were scheduled to see the pediatrician on Tuesday. I went ahead and scheduled a lactation consultant to come to my home on Tuesday as well. I personally think it’s good for any mom of multiples to do this whether having issues or not.

Turns out my little Phoebe was 4 lbs and 6 ounces at the pediatrician appointment. So despite feeding every 60 to 90 minutes, she was losing weight fast. It is normal for babies to lose weight after birth, but you want to be sure that they don’t lose more than 10%. Phoebe was cutting it close. Marley had lost just over 9% and Phoebe just over 10%. This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if they were 7 or 8 pounders.

Of course the evil word of formula was mentioned. I say evil because the way formula companies have marketed to moms leaves me in disgust. Also, much of the immune system is located in the gut and using formula prior to 6 months of age actually does compromise your baby’s gut and therefore their immune system. I told them I would pump and hand express what was left in my breast. The lactation consultant was scheduled to come that afternoon so we agreed to work with her on the issue. Another thing is that I know that if I start giving formula, my body will most likely take note and not produce as much. I knew that formula would only be a last option. In my mind and heart, I’m thinking all positive thoughts…