Something happened the moment I saw my preschooler Preston. He came to the hospital the next morning. I almost didn’t recognize him. He looks so much older than 3. Preston still looked like a baby to me until that moment. It’s like he’d grown up over night. I have never heard anyone mention this! I think it’s important for other parents to know that your image of baby changes to the new baby. I was NOT prepared for this.

Preston stayed with us at the hospital all day and spent the night. It was a long night! He did great with a lot of iPad entertainment! They wouldn’t release us at the 24 hours mark, our preference. I was crushed when they told us we would have to stay another night. It was a horrible experience overall at Memorial Hermann. My back was killing me from that awful bed. Also, I feel like I can take better care of my babies at home, breastfeeding and all. Thankfully, we were released early Sunday morning!

My sweet babies
iPad love aka babysitter

Mr. P says goodnight to his sisters

Night Night

Yay! We get to go home. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. LOL!

Good riddance to Memorial Hermann