So, my hubby made it in plenty of time for the birth. I had to get an epidural alone though. I didn’t really want it, but I didn’t want to take a risk. You see if I’d needed an emergency c-section, they would just knock me out. General anethesia has it’s own complications and I’d miss the birth completely. The epidural hurt something terrible! Never again will I give birth after this. I’d already decided that anyway, but still. If there was an ounce of desire to have another baby, it was gone!

So, they made me give birth in an operating room (OR) just in case of emergency. They don’t mess around with multiples. They wheeled me in once I was 10 centimeters and after a few pushes out comes dragon baby A. They put the baby on my chest and I said “What is it?” My doc says “It’s a girl.” I kissed her and she went with Dad to the table to get checked out. 3 minutes later out comes Baby B. Another girl :) I was like “What?” Two girls? I couldn’t believe it. I honestly didn’t care what they were, but for some reason I felt like jumping up and down. I was all smiles!

Some Dragon Baby Q&A:

  • Dragon Baby A = Marley 6lbs, 19.5 inches (last ultrasound said 6lbs 7oz)
  • Dragon Baby B = Phoebe 4lbs 14oz, 18.75 inches (last ultrasound said 5lbs 8oz)
  • Why those names? = Because we liked them
  • Where they natural? = Yes, I pushed them out the old-fashioned way with modern day drugs.
  • NICU = No NICU time. We were leased about 38 hours after birth. I wanted to leave at 24, but they would let us. I hate hospitals especially Memorial Hermann in the medical center. I loved the Methodist (where Preston was born).
  • How I’m doing = Good. I met with a client the day after we came home. I’ve slowed down though.
  • Breastfeeding? = Yes, mostly tandem. I got both to latch on myself (useless hospital staff). They nursed for 50 minutes!
  • Identical or fraternal? = We’ve been told that they are fraternal. However, I’d always planned to get a DNA test if they were same sex twins. So, off we go to find a DNA company!
Derek and my two OBs. All smiling like they did some work :)
Now back to my room for their first feed.