Ever since that first appointment where we found out we were having twins, my hubby has been to nearly every single doctors appointment. He’s had to bathe our 3 year old every night since he last traveled at the end of September. He has also been taking and picking up our son from school almost every day. The school thing is normally my responsibility, but I am big and tired!

My husband is missing so much work! He has a global position so he sits here, but his team sits everywhere. We’ve both worked in this type of capacity in the past. Anyway who works like this knows how crazy the hours can be. He is no longer traveling because you have to stay close to home when expecting twins. You have a greater risk of giving birth early. So because he is no longer travelng, he has had to virtually attend meetings at 3am! All this global crap was great when we were DINKS (dual income no kids), but now it’s exhausting!

The good thing about this is that he is getting the experience from a mom point of view. You see, we do co-parent, but I, like most moms, have had to make so many adjustments to have my son in preschool and all of his activities. While I know his work performance has probably suffered, I am overwhelming grateful that he is getting this experience. It’s still not the full experience because I am still around, but I am hoping that he will have an even greater appreciation for what I do as a mother.

Obstetrician appointments make you feel like your time isn’t valued. You know, when I lived in Singapore, my GYN was also an OB. The office always gave you updates on when to come in that day because the reality is that babies come when they want to come. My husband and I have sat through 3 hour appointments (about 15 minutes with the doctor). I wish more men could experience this. You can just imagine how many appointments I had with twins! I also have to see a perinatologist so we are in waiting rooms quite often these days.

I think going through this has made my husband more empathic to women. It has become more clear to both of us why women struggle to rise to the top in the corporate world.