It is common for Moms and Dads to nickname their babies while still in the womb. We called Preston hirm because we didn’t know if he was a him or a her. We decided to call the twins, Dragon Babies because 2012 was the year of the Dragon. It was also a Water Dragon year which only occurs every 60 years. Dragons are very special in Chinese Astrology and apparently they are fearless, confident and successful. Here is more information on the year of the Water Dragon courtesy of Healing Arts Cafe and here is another.

If you want a second chance to celebrate the New Year here’s your opportunity.   According to the Tibetan calendar, February 22 marks the beginning of the 2012 lunar year.  This year is characterized by the Dragon and the element of water.  It is considered to be a year of new beginnings and mixed blessings.  In Chinese and Tibetan astrology, each year alternates between passive energy of yin and the active energy of yang.

We are ending the year of the Iron Rabbit which was a yin year. The Iron Rabbit year was focused on taking care of past and current situations.  It was more about working through difficulties that had already begun in 2010, the year of Iron Tiger.   However, 2012 is a yang year and will be much more active and forward moving than the yin of the Iron Rabbit.  We can expect more excitement and unpredictability in the year of the Water Dragon.

Personality Traits Of The Water Dragon People

The Dragon is a sign of energy and power and has a special place in Asian mythology.  In the East, the Dragon is a symbol of luck and authority.  People under the influence of the Dragon are considered charismatic, independent and resourceful.  In astrology, the Dragon corresponds to the sign of Aries.  People born in this year tend to be fearless and confident in their pursuits and are often successful.  They need to be careful not to make decisions too quickly and be aware of not being too arrogant.  The element of water has the most calming effect on the Dragon and cools their fiery tempers.  Water is said to bring out patience and sensitivity in a Dragon’s personality that is often overshadowed by their fiery need for attention.  This influence tends to help them make wiser decisions and work better with others.

2012, Year Of The Water Dragon

Dragon years occur every 12 years but Water Dragon years only occur every 60 years.  The last Water Dragon year was in 1952.  Dragon years are characterized as dramatic, full of lavish and unpredictable events.  It is considered a good year for fashion, performing arts and cultural events.  In the year of the Dragon, having a baby is considered to bring a household good luck.  New business ventures and relationships are also considered to be auspicious and therefore successful.

Predictions for 2012 are that this is a critical year for the consciousness of humanity and will begin to lead us into a new spiritual era. It is also believed to be a good year to start a new business especially if it is in the field of technology or the internet. Water Dragon year is a social year with lots of extravagant food, generosity and good will. The cleansing effect of water will also help love relationships heal. Most of all, remember that Dragon’s traits will bring lots of unpredictability so try to relax and enjoy yourself.

Mindfully Working With Transitions

The Tibetan calendar follows the lunar year. Each month and year begins and ends according to the cycles of the moon.  When we practice celebrating the New Year on a lunar cycle we are in essence synchronizing with the cycles of Earth.  This means we may begin to align more with the oceans, seasons and ultimately ourselves.  This is a very large topic to introduce but I think it’s worth mentioning.  If we work with anything at all, noticing how we transition from the old to the new can be helpful.  If we do not notice that a cycle is coming to an end, we may feel stuck and struggle needlessly.  The current lunar cycle is coming to an end and many of us may already feel the anticipation of the seasons changing from deep winter to late winter.  When the end of a cycle presents itself, it is suggested to take care of loose ends. Take an inventory of what needs to be prioritized and finished. Focus on taking care of tasks already begun. On the big transition day, this year it will be February 22 or (New Years Eve of Water Dragon) it is tradition in the Buddhist culture to clean the house from top to bottom.  Once we have taken care of loose ends of the past year, cleaned our home thoroughly it is time to celebrate the New Year.  This may begin with another cleansing ceremony with juniper or sage smoke burned in or near the celebration.  Celebrating with friends, food and music are a good way to begin anything especially the year. Finally, instead of making a resolution, try making an aspiration.  Resolutions tend to be rigid and set us up for failure.  If we make a heartfelt aspiration for something to work toward in the coming year, we are more likely to accomplish that goal.