From the moment I found out that I was expecting twins, I knew I had to do some serious research on having a healthy pregnancy and vaginal birth. What I’d found is that many obstetricians won’t even consider attempting a vaginal birth if both babies aren’t head down. So I researched techniques on how to get my babies head down early on. I did find a new OB who was comfortable attempting to turn baby B. So, I would definitely need A to be head down, but had flexibility with B.

I starting seeing a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy at about 33 weeks. By then, both A and B were head down. However, B seemed to move around a lot more and flip from head down to breach to transverse from one appointment to the next. My chiropractor, Dr. Caroline Long, did a complete analysis of my back and pelvis. She opted not to do the Webster technique. She said I didn’t need it. I was relieved! For some reason, that scares me! Instead, she did adjustments on my neck, back and pelvis.

The analysis showed that I was a little off balance. I have been pretty much going weekly and my back always improves immediately. After a few days I start to feel pain again. However, this has become less and less with each appointment. I am so glad I made the decision to see her. And who knows, maybe it did help keep Baby A head down and relaxed my pelvis. Baby A has been down for a while now. I am determined to do anything to avoid a c-section…safe stuff only of course :)