At 31 weeks I was offered Betamethasone as a precaution. I had no pre-term labor symptoms. My husband and I said we’d think about it. We pretty much research everything first. I almost died from some acne meds a doctor prescribed to me in 2003. I spent Christmas Eve in Wilmington hospital in Delaware and it was awful. Ever since then, I don’t take anything simply because the doctor said so.

At 32 weeks, my OB checked my cervix and it had begun to soften. My immediate reaction was to go on bed rest. I’d already been scheduling rest time daily. I personally felt the need to do this simply because I knew that I wanted my twins to be full-term and healthy. So my doctor agreed that I should rest more and clean or not drive. I still declined the Betamethasone. After doing some research, we felt that it just wasn’t for us. I was not having any preterm labor symptoms. Besides a softened cervix, I wasn’t having contractions, my blood pressure was excellent, no gestational diabetes, nothing. I was a little panicked when he said my cervix was soft because I’d had 3 bad dreams about going into labor early. That reminded me to get back to my positive thinking.

When people talk about pregnancy especially twins, they can be so negative. There’s always talk about carrying multiples being so hard. You’ll be lucky to get to 35 weeks. It’s just miserable. Blah Blah Blah. I’ve always been positive about pregnancy, but I feel like maybe the comments were getting to my head. So, I went back to my Hypnobabies and decided to block out all negative comments. I’m smiling when people expect me to be angry and miserable. That bedrest thing didn’t last very long. My perinatologist measured by cervix and said I have nothing to worry about. So, I’ve waddled all around Houston and haven’t had any problems. I am so glad I trusted my intuition.