We did the whole 4D ultrasound thing with the twins. I wanted to do it mainly because I’d done it with Preston. I wanted all of my children to have the DVD to watch when they are older some day. I think they’d get a kick out of it. I forgot about special doing it would be until we were watching them. Preston came with us and loved it as well.

One thing I found to be interesting was when I was asked for my date. I informed the tech at it was Dec. 30. She says “Is that your due date or your c-section date?” I am constantly amazed at how it is considered an automatic cesarean with twins. I understand they it’s higher risk and I expect surgery to be more common that it would with singletons. However, there is no reason that every twin pregnancy should be an automatic cesarean. People look at me like I’m nuts when I say that I’d never plan to go for a c-section. So many people have told me that they thought you have to have a c-section with twins. I really wonder about the medical community. While I am not picketing and marching for completely natural, unmedicated home births, I feel like we’ve been brainwashed as a society to believe that our bodies can do anything without all kinds of interventions using modern medicine. A cesarean is major surgery and I do not feel that I am a candidate for it. Now, if I have to have one, that’s okay. In the end, I want 2 healthy babies.

Now back to the actual ultrasound. She looked at Baby B first. Baby B was awake with open eyes. It was so cool. Both were head down so you could see them next to each other. When she got to Baby A, we noticed a lot of hand movement. Baby A then started licking Baby B’s head. It was adorable and hilarious at the same time. They are in separate sacs, but the membrane is so thin I bet Baby B could feel everything. We could only look at their faces because she didn’t want to accidentally expose the sexes since we did want to find out. I can’t wait to play the DVD for them some day! It’s a good thing they don’t make portable machines because I’d probably watch them all day.