I feel great about my twin pregnancy. Although I know that things can go wrong and get complicated, that’s not what I’m afraid of…at least right now. I guess I feel like the twins are safe in mommies belly. My biggest fear really is leaving my son overnight. We never been apart overnight before. When I travel, Preston travels. I’m comfortable with school/daycare, date nights, you name it. However, I just can’t do the overnight thing.

I think it would be easier if we had people that we could depend on here. The problem is that we are pretty much on our own. If we don’t get paid help, we don’t get any. We do not have a single family member here so there’s really no one we can call on to help us out ever. If you have local support that you can trust, consider yourself very fortunate! Thankfully, we have an option for when we need to go to the hospital, but I always feel like a burden when I need to depend on someone else. Also, I am afraid for Preston. I wonder how he’ll react to being in a strange place overnight? Then the next day having 2 siblings? We Preston feel abandoned? Scared? Mad?

I prayed and kept a positive attitude because I not only want my twins to be full-term and healthy, I need them to be. I have another child to get home to. Ideally, my goal is to be able to leave the hospital in 24 hours like we did with Preston. I know I can control this, but I can wish right? My dream would be to go into labor while Preston is in school. Then hubby could pick him up and we would all stay at the hospital overnight. I know that sounds off the wall to some, but it’s perfectly rational to me. This is what keeps me up at night.

Preston’s bag is packed and he was so excited to put it in the car. Unfortunately, he is hoping to get on a airplane and head to the ocean. By the way, the Skip Hop zoo luggage rocks! It’s got plenty of room for his clothes, essentials, snacks, and a few books! I especially love the parent strap. Preston LOVES it along with his coordinating backpack.