I consider myself a breastfeeding advocate and In order to explore that further, I decided to look into certifications. I also want to change the way we as working women think about breastfeeding. I found a wonderful program through CAPPA. I took the course in Houston and now focusing on all of my papers and projects. Pretty soon, I’ll be a Certified Lactation Educator! I have learned so much from this program. My instructor and advisor Laurel Wilson is amazing and so full of knowledge. She really understands the physiology of having a baby.

One day in class she passed out a card to everyone. There was a quote or inspirational thought on each card. My card said something like motherhood/pregnancy and healing the body. Now I didn’t quite get the meaning at first. A few minutes later I had that Ah Ha moment. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2001. I went in and out of remission. On and off meds. Once I became pregnant with Preston, my levels normalized and I haven’t needed medication since. I’d actually forgotten that I have this auto-immune disease. That card was just for me to reflect on how I was meant to be a mom :)

Through further discussion with Laurel, I learnt that many moms that have an auto-immune disease or certain ailments discover that they are “cured” with pregnancy and breastfeeding. It makes sense that your body does what it needs to do to ensure that you can take care of the baby. Incredible right?