One thing that I hate about being pregnant especially with twins is the negativity around the 3rd trimester. People always ask me about my due date and when I say December 30th, they say things like “Hopefully you won’t have to wait that long” or “You must be miserable” or “I’m glad it’s not me.” Maybe I look uncomfortable or something, but I’m really not. Yes I feel huge, but I’m totally okay with pregnancy.

I’d stay pregnant for another month or two if I could to ensure my babies are healthy. Is pregnancy that bad for everyone else or something? I wish people would be more positive. Just because you were miserable doesn’t mean I am. I love pregnancy! I think a big part of being miserable is attitude. I realize that it is tough for some, but having a positive attitude has been a huge factor in my pregnancies going so well. I wish more people would practice positive thinking!