Preston is currently enrolled in a lot of after school activities. I didn’t realize it until I started looked at what his schedule should be next semester. He currently takes Arabic, weebotics, gymnastics, and swimming. Recently, I’ve added on some additional ones. He likes all of the activities, but sometimes I wonder if I’m doing too much. I didn’t have as many opportunities as he does so maybe I am overcompensating for that.

Preston had is first tennis lesson almost 2 weeks ago. I thought tennis would be a good idea for hand/eye coordination. Plus he gets the opportunity to run which he loves. Well the first lesson was interesting. Preston ran around the court chasing and kicking balls. I spent the first 15 minutes chasing after him and trying to get him to listen to the instructor. Finally, he was able to stand on the dot and try to swing to hit the ball. When it was time to clean up, he picked up balls from his session. Then went to another court to get their balls too. It was all quite entertaining and fun to watch.

Preston also had his first piano lesson. He’s always loved music so I thought it would be good to give it a try and see if he’s interested. Well, he pretty much ran into the school, took his shoes off mimicking the veteran kids, ran into the class and sat down. He didn’t even look back at me. I knew he was excited because that is exactly how my child would behave. No separation anxiety whatsoever! The teacher told me that he did very well and that he was very attentive. I asked him if he enjoyed it and would like to go back. He said yes. So, I guess Preston is officially taking piano lessons now! Now, I need to buy a piano for home practice…and the saga continues