I experienced nausea with my singleton pregnancy, but it was fairly mild. The nausea with twins is a whole different ball game. It’s unbelievable how sensitive to smells I’d become. It would have been great if my newly found talent could have been used to do some good in the world like catching criminals or something. Literally, the smell of rice cooking made me nauseous. Actually, even drinking water did too. Ginger tea did help a little bit. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always convenient so I tried the All Natural Morning Sickness Remedy, anti-nausea pills by Dr. Michele Brown. Dr. Brown created Beaute de Maman, a company that develops natural products for pregnant women. I met her a few years ago and she is very passionate about helping moms with pregnancy.

While the anti-nausea pills didn’t completely eliminate the nausea for me, it helped tremendously. I felt like I good continue on with my day. They are an excellent option for working women especially. I’d be going into a meeting and it was easier than some of the other remedies. I could keep them in my purse and discreetly take one if necessary. The pills contain ginger, vitamin B12, vitamin D and lime. All are ingredients believed to help with nausea in pregnancy. Did you experience nausea during your pregnancy? How did you overcome it?