Expecting twins is so different from a singleton. The latest I can travel internationally is 20 weeks and 24 weeks domestically. We absolutely wanted to take a babymoon/vacation, the last trip before the babies come. So, we decided to go sooner rather than later especially since I am about the size I was at 7 months pregnant at only 17 weeks!

Originally, my plan was to go to Europe. However, flights just weren’t available with the 2012 Olympics being held in London. I definitely wanted to stay away from any areas that could be affected by hurricanes and hot weather. We decided to stick with the northeast or California. Our first babymoon was a trip to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod. We’d have loved to have gone back to Nantucket, but there aren’t as many family-friendly accommodations. Our 2.5 year old would be coming with us so we needed to make sure he would enjoy the destination as well. We considered San Diego and Santa Barbara. However, when you plan a trip 2 weeks in advanced, you can expect some difficulty getting the right flights and accommodations. I’d heard of Carmel and so we looked into it and landed on Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel Valley.

Carmel Valley Ranch was just what the doctor ordered! The Ranch is a family-friendly resort that sits on 500 acres. I love that it’s not a traditional hotel where all the rooms are in one big building. Everything is spread out so you get plenty of exercise walking and get to enjoy nature like deer and turkeys. The grounds are beautiful with walking trails and activities throughout. There is a vineyard and lavender throughout the valleys of the property.

Carmel Valley is just next to Carmel and near Monterey. This is definitely a driving area so a car is needed. The weather was amazing to us coming from a place where you really don’t want to take a walk outside. It was so cool that I bought a jacket for the evenings. The entire area has a small town feel, but actually packs a lot of punch. The cuisine is absolutely delicious. Many of the restaurants use local and organic ingredients so everything tastes fresh! There are lovely drives along the pacific ocean and the Monterey Aquarium is really impressive and a great family activity.

Staying at Carmel Valley Ranch was wonderful because there are so many amenities. They also have a kids club that starts at age 2. The younger ones play in a cute cottage with outdoor space and organized activities. It gives them a chance to play with toys and other children. This allows mom and dad to take a break and go to the spa, pool or for a nice walk. By the way, I had the best prenatal massage ever at the spa! The ranch offers guided walks and other activities during the day as well. We especially enjoyed the evening s’mores by the fire, a first for my hubby and son. Carmel Valley Ranch is the kind of place I could our see visiting year after year!