I am constantly asked if my twins are fraternal or identical. It’s funny because I thought by now I would know too. However, I stumbled upon this when asking my doctors a million questions. Did you know that you cannot confirm whether they are fraternal until birth? My twins are in separate sacs and have their own placentas and we’ve known this since the first ultrasound at 6 weeks. If we were having a boy and a girl, then we would know that they are fraternal. However, because we aren’t finding out, we won’t know the sexes.

Most people assume that because they are in 2 separate sacs and each have their own placentas, they are fraternal. Actually, you cannot assume that because If the egg splits by day 5, that is the result. To find out if they are identical or fraternal, they will analyze the placentas after birth or you can request a DNA test. I will definitely find out one way or the other. I just want to know for sure because identical twins don’t always look exactly a like and fraternal twins don’t always look so different. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are actually fraternal twins! Many moms say that they just know, but I need to know for sure.