I caught the Teen Mom Nation episode of Lisa Ling’s Our America. It was a good production and I think there should be a part two. Given the state of teenage pregnancy in the US, so much awareness and help is needed. I felt really bad for these kids. They didn’t have proper guidance or parenting skills. I wanted to go there myself and give them a hand.

Previews: Teen Mom Nation
Over 1000 American girls give birth every day, more than in any other nation in the developed world. This is a story of teenage dreams, of powerful efforts to stop children from having children, and of teenage freedom lost to the cycle of teen pregnancy. 
Aside from the obvious, I saw so many mishaps in the program. These were things that don’t take any money, just knowledge to fix. First of all, baby was sleeping directly next to blind cords which is so dangerous. They could easily be altered to make the sleeping area safer. I also saw that one of the babies was riding in a car and the harness straps were too loose. They need to be tight enough that you can make a pinch. Another thing is that these parents had stuff toys in the cribs. One even had a newborn in a blanket. All safety hazards that could be avoided so easily. 
Toward the end you see the couple with two children put them in bed with bottles. This is a big no no. They should brush there teeth before going to bed so that they have a clean mouth. Put children in bed with bottles can cause tooth decay. This is just one more thing that will cost these young struggling teens more money and stress.
I wished that I could teach these teens how to cloth diaper. The couple with two children were barely making it and struggling to buy diapers and formula. I cloth diapered on a part-time basis and it saves a bundle! A while back, I attended a fundraiser for diapers to help poor families. I asked if they accept cloth diapers and the answer I got was no. They only wanted disposables. I think if cloth if a feasible option for a family, then let’s teach them how to do it. I’d be more than willing to donate a started pack to help a struggling family. I’d rather teach them how to fish, rather than keep giving them fish.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Chinese Proverb
The same goes for breastfeeding. I don’t know if all of the teens featured were not able to breastfeed, but all of them were using formula. While I know that breastfeeding isn’t completely free (you may need a pump and you eat more), it’s definitely cheaper than formula and better for the babies. 
I don’t have an exact solution, but it’s clear that our sex education philosophy in this country continues to backfire and we have to figure out a way to give these teens some parenting skills. The result is that our society as a whole will suffer. We have got to do better people.

What do you think we should do to solve this problem?