Cooking with children can be so powerful. A while back I wrote some tips on picky eaters and allowing your children to be little chefs was one of my tips. Preston started really helping us at around 18 months. Actually, that’s why I purchased a Learning Tower for him. We were constantly holding him so he could help stir or pour ingredients into a bowl. With the Learning Tower, he can stand at perfect height and help prepare meals. A huge plus is that he eats so many raw vegetables. He loves to taste what is going into the meal. Preston is also learning to measure and appreciate meals.

The other day, he had his swimming lesson. I normally have a snack ready for him because he’s hungry afterwards. Well this day, I completely forgot his snack. So we headed home to find that Dad had almost finished cooking dinner. He was packing away some leftover bell peppers. There was half of a yellow, orange and red pepper. Preston climbed into his Learning Tower to help stir and wanted to snack on the orange bell pepper. He polished off the entire thing!

Now Preston does eat vegetables, but like anyone, he has good days and not-so-good days. The key is to make sure your child gets involved with family meals. You never know what they might snack on!