I was sent this article in reference to my post about using an iPad to entertain my two year old when traveling. The family was kicked off of Alaska Airlines because their three year old could not/would not sit in his seat with the seatbelt on in order for the plane to take off. Apparently, he had a fit when the dad tried to take the iPad away from him after the turn off your electronics announcements. Some others in the comment section also insinuated that this is the fault of the iPad. Seems like a parenting issue to me. I’m sure the airline gave everyone ample time to get in there seats.

A statement from the Father:

“I think they overreacted. I know you get kicked off planes for dangerous situations like not wearing a seat belt or running around or something dangerous. But I didn’t see the situation as being dangerous at all,” Yanchuk said.

Clearly, he just admitted that he knows that people get kicked off of planes for not wearing a seatbelt.

I am the mom of a two year old so I understand how unpredictable behavior can be in a toddler. Anything can throw off the moment. Delayed flight, missing a nap, just plain tired, etc. However, I do find it difficult to understand why he literally could not control his child.

He also said:

He said he tried to calm Daniel down, but couldn’t do it as well as his wife, who was far away.

If mom is better at calming, then why didn’t mom switch seats with Dad?

Here’s what I think happened. Mom and grandma wanted to fly first class and took the one year old as a lap child. Dad and the three year old flew in economy because 1) They didn’t want to pay for a first-class ticket for dad and the three year old 2) They couldn’t afford the 2 additional first-class tickets or 3) They knew the three year old couldn’t behave well enough to fly first-class.

This is clearly a parenting problem. It’s not the fault of the iPad or airline. I think they are lucky the airline agreed to put them on another flight! I’ve been in situations where my two year old has decided that he doesn’t want to sit down so I force him to sit. You have to be strong enough to stick with your convictions. Children are manipulative. My son will throw a fit over an iPad, puzzle, bike, etc even at home. However, the same rules apply. If it’s time to put the toy away, it’s time to put the toy away. At some point, a child has to learn to follow rules and how to stop playing and put the toy away. Children NEED boundaries! Also, everyone knows that you need multiple toys and snacks to distract a child especially when traveling. Sounds like Dad didn’t have any back-up options.