The Huffington Post had an article recently on how overwhelming it is to run a small business. According to a Bank of America survey, it is harder and more stressful than raising children. I’m sure we could debate this one back and forth for days. One thing I know for sure is that doing both is extremely hard and flat out insane sometimes.

Right now, I am a one woman show and I feel like I am running on fumes. One of my biggest challenges has actually been the hiring process. With a small business you have to be very particular about hiring. My business is too small to hire slackers. If the person won’t put significant value into the job, I may as well do it myself. With payroll taxes, etc, there is very little room for bad hires. Add on swimming lessons, finding preschools, and spending quality time with my son, sometimes I wonder what’s left.

Parenting and running a small business are two of the most difficult undertakings and I chose to do both. I must say both are very rewarding. I’d say parenting is the most rewarding for me. It really is what keeps me going day after day.