Like most people I know, I attended the public school in which I was zoned. However, today, as a working mom, I find myself in a completely different situation. I too am running the Preschool Rat Race! Not satisfied with the daycare programs out there for preschoolers and no full-time public options, private preschool it is.

I never imagined this process being so stressful. However, because my child has a summer birthday and apparently people see him as just that. The boy with the August birthday. In Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the US, I could only find 4 schools that met my criteria.

Have a cut-off date later in the summer so my son would have the opportunity to apply
After care program with activities so I don’t have to tote him around everyday to various extracurricular activities. Yes, my 2 year old participates in four activities right now! Besides, if I don’t want to always have to depend on someone picking him up from school.
Have a healthy food program

So, we’ve chosen to apply to 3 schools. However, it seems like everyone is so focused on his birthday. We went for a observation on Saturday and there was a child applying to a 3 year old program, same as my son, accept he was ALREADY 3.5. Now if you are comparing my son to a child who is 14 months older than him, of course the older child will outperform him (should anyway).

Even one of the school heads told us that we should consider applying for the 2 year old program because he has a summer birthday and he’s a boy. Excuse me? Have you even evaluated him yet?

I feel like my child should be evaluated given his age. It seems to me that this process operates like a machine. This birthday thing is getting way out of hand. I’ve seen the work that the 3 year old programs involve. Some of these kids are just too old in my opinion. Your fancy shmancy preschool program is not a true 3 year old program if majority of the kids are going to start at 4! Needless to say, there just aren’t many options out there.

It’s very frustrating to me as a parent when I see schools perpetuating this problem. The reason I say the schools are a big part of the problem is because they continue to allow children who were held back on purpose into programs meant for children that are younger and push out children like my son. To put a stop to it, stop accepting those kids!

I am not saying that my child is the smartest boy in the world and that he should be accepted into any of these schools. I just want my son to be given a fair shot. Right now, I know that that is not happening.

So many parents don’t even give their children the opportunity to move forward. They hold them back so they won’t be the youngest in the class. How dumb is that? Doesn’t somebody have to be the youngest?