On Monday, Independence Day, I felt a sore throat. As the morning went on it became apparent that I was ill. I felt like I was crashing. All I could think of was the list that I needed to complete to start the week on Tuesday. However, my body had other plans…

You see running a small business like mine just doesn’t allow for illness. So I get sick and the work gets done how? It doesn’t. 
On Tuesday morning, I woke up feel much worse and I made a doctors appointment immediately. I am very thankful that my husband was not traveling for work during this time. That would have been brutal. I felt so bad and would not have been able to take care of my child. That is a scary feeling!
Turns out I had strep throat. I hadn’t had strep throat since I was an undergrad student. No wonder I was feeling so terrible. Let the strategy begin.
When I worked with Fortune 500 Companies, there always had to be a business continuity plan. As a Mompreneur, you absolutely must have one too. Here are my three recommendations for getting started:
Child Care – Have back-up child care plan and a back-up for your back-up. If you are ill, you may not be able to take care of child and so be sure to have a sitter or child care center to call on in a time of need. You also don’t want to pass your illness on to your child.
Physician – Establish a relationship with a primary care physician that fits your needs. Join a practice that which you can get a sick appointment the same day or at least within a day. The last thing you need is to have to wait days to see a physician. If you have an infection or serious illness, better find out sooner rather than later.
Get Organized – Crisis are better handled when things are organized. Make sure your files and are in order and your calendar is available to your spouse, business partner, assistance or someone you trust.
After you’ve created a plan to help you, the mompreneur, take it one step further and protect your business. Develop a plan to prepare for a natural disaster or act of God.
  • Have a list of contacts and who does what for your business. Print out your contact list. Be sure to print several copies and place one in your home, safe deposit box, office and with a trusted source.
  • Create a back-up plan. Ask yourself: What would happen if something happened to your PC or client files? Do you have everything backed-up?
  • What about your printed files? Consider scanning them to back them up on a PC and back-up hard drive.
  • If your business uses the web in any way, find out what your web hosting back-up plan is. If you are filling orders, etc., develop a plan so that your customers experience minimal interruption.
  • Print out documentation of your back-up plan for key employees, your home and safe deposit box.
There are some incidents that cannot be avoided. Your goal is to minimize business interruption. It will be better for your business, your family, and you the Mompreneur if you have an organized plan of action. Sometimes it’s not the incident itself, but how you respond.