I starting Premier Baby Planning 18 months ago and I’ve come to a point where I really need to hire someone. In fact, it is imperative to do this in order to grow my business. However, as most business owners will tell you, it’s hard finding the right person.

A big frustration for me has been lack of professionalism. In my recent experience, the young applicants (early 20s) will show interest in the beginning. However, they decide that they are no longer interested by not responding to phone calls and emails. Now, I know I am not paying top dollar, but I’m not asking for a wealth of experience or for a rocket scientist!

I honestly believe that everyone needs the experience of working in professional environments. I learned so much from working in a corporate environment. It teaches you those basic skills like how to maintain your professionalism at all times. For instance, being unresponsive when you are applying for a job is kind of grounds for blacklisting. It’s a small world and you never know when we might meet again!